Consultation for food sampling memberships – receive (free) 30 hr, holistic health consultation to address health issues and concerns. then we together go over the many options of the best food membership plans (cost of packages may be paid by the organization for some qualified clients).
All food sampling membership is provided by MAJIQUEFOODSMINISTRIES.ONLINE

Phat Attack

The weight management group, rally up and weighs in once a month with a motivational weight loss group. Be inspired to get it done (the group is free to join however, the weight management system carries additional out of pocket costs)

Food Sampling Memberships

Offered through majique foods ministries, visit
Gen 1:29- the powers of foods.


Food Ministry

Free food/bread 6 days a week
{One head of household per family please}

Baptism Preparedness

3 hour study into his marvelous light bible study guide($3.00 material cost) do the study alone or with a director, and get prepared to be baptized.

Baptism- (Free)

Baptism done 7 days week in local bodies of waters, rivers and

Baptism certificate – $15

Prison Ministry

Offering 3 programs for low-income/no-income inmates, designed to help ease the day-to-day stressors of prison life- we can’t get you out, but we can help make the journey all easier.

The program is designed to fiscally support inmates in distress, while incarcerated. Application is invite only, if you are an inmate or family member of an inmate, request a program pack and application, we look forward to being of service.
(Approval processing, takes up to 57days).

Not for general public knowledge.

Inmate rehabilitation program- this is a housing project, we temporarily house inmates newly released or approved applicants of tier 1 program and gradually transition them into productive lifestyles, we offer services that surpass as our goal is to revive, and equip to allow the individual to finally thrive.

Matrimonial Services

Looking for a minister or officiant for your wedding. Look no further we offer low/ no cost services to all
qualified (some restrictions apply)
Pre marital mini course- $35
(This is a prerequisite for officiant and minister services)

Reception Services

Have you ever wanted a 420 wedding? Fully catered reception hosted and sponsored by majique food
ministry, equipped with sacred haze.


Rental Assistance/
Utility Assistant/
Family Fiscal support

This program allows individuals/citizens fiscal aid or relief in difficult times. We not only service the needs of the low-income/no-income but those individuals working and needing assistance as well. This is not a combined service, you may apply for 1 at a time and once every 12 months, qualifications are simple, some restrictions do apply, as you do not qualify if you do not possess a valid landlord phone number and leasing agreement issued by your current landlord, this program cannot help you if you are not the head of household or a valid tenant on the lease. We reserve the right to deny services to anyone.
{The Gifting season for this program will open when funds are available}


Families grow, achieve, and prosper with this program it’s financial help in tough times, we cover the in-between cost in relocating families and individuals – i.e moving expenses, truck rentals, movers cost,
some deposits, and a portion of the rental cost to help you move in and transition stress-free. (some restrictions apply).
This program can only be accessed through our organization’s intake process.


Fiscal services, if ever you have a need we can provide financial assistance. To absolutely help in easing your mind in trying or difficult times. We help with but are not limited to ;rental assistance, utilities, small family grants for funeral services, small family or student grants for school supplies or field trip or graduation costs, (some restrictions may apply). We also provide holistic aid vouchers.

Power Move 880

This program totally changes the game , as we provide housing to homeless or qualified displaced individuals or families. These are houses owned by private owners or managed by an affiliate (MFMIAS*) and donated/designated for the sole purpose of us utilizing them in this very program as rentals to provide our clients in need.. All applicants are fully screened and qualified through us.

Holistic Aid Program

Program designed to support the need for low cost or no cost holistic health care- therapies, consultations or supplements.
These vouchers are only redeemable by participating practitioners in our network, they cannot be used at your local hospital or clinic.


Krazy 8 Opportunity Training

Join us for 8 hours, 8days or 8 fun filled weeks of learning growing and transformation, while we equip you toward your financial freedom, we’ve partnered with various private companies to offer you the absolute best opportunities possible. Services require intake assessment to match you with what is most beneficial to you and your families situation. (Learn a trade or skill , training and some material cost may be covered by organization for qualified individuals ) material cost vary by opportunity choice.


Training is free{Restrictions apply}, material cost do apply.

Crystal therapy
Color therapy
Become an Allocation specialist.
Energy therapy

Sesh hopping
Become a neutral pharmaceutical rep.

Holistic givers supplement program -HGSP

A program designed to provide practitioners and holistic health aids , with supplemental income in exchange for optimal services rendered to the clients of the holistic resource center. The program allots great perks and benefits for practitioners willing to donate there time and services to the organization . If you provide any alternative medicine services, partner with us.

Club Xo-therapy

Join a traveling hypnosis network, earn money while helping others feel better, we will train you and employ you all under the guidance of Master hypnotist and entertainer EMERG MCVAY
“Our focus is love”. The hypnotist in this club get to travel state to state to provide excellent services , at discounted prices.

Majique Funds Mutual Investments & Allocations Srvs

All things holistic money, now offering money recovery services, training, employment, financial literacy,
banking like a boss, BTC education, investment training groups, real estate, business credit services and
beyond. {Invest at your own risk, this organization holds no liability in what you do
with your money, we only provide information}.

Starting a business? Let us help you Build impeccable business credit through our affiliate program at the lowest possible out of pocket cost.
budgeting class & financial literacy classes( offered free monthly by BBVA bank Rep, every month is a new topic).


Majique Foods Ministries


Some free training programs will carry additional material cost not covered by the organization so that the consumer /client will have to put forth and invest in one’s self. Do understand, Change has to be initiated to be carried through.